The Beginning

It all began somewhere and yes I had a life before the age of 5 but not one that I remember very well. So lets start in kindergarten, where all great stories begin.

I was short, blonde, and bouncy. I was the kid that got yelled at a lot. Not because I did anything extreme like wipe my boogers on the kid next to me, I just liked to talk and follow my own directions.

Kate (my best friend) and I had met a few months before school actually began so we were already friends when fall rolled around. We sat next to each other at circle time and crafts and we even sat next to each other on the “airplane” when we “flew” all around the world (we never actually left our classroom but our teacher knew that kindergartners didn’t know the difference between a little blue desk chair and a plush airplane seat). Or maybe I just always sat next to her? Maybe it wasn’t mutual but I know that is where I always was, next to Kate.

When I was five my favorite movie was the Sound of Music, gosh I was a lame five year old. I didn’t watch TV at that point and was only allowed to watch movies on the weekends. I knew every line to the Sound of Music and could act out all of the scenes. I did so with the boy I had a crush on who as it would work out, I would attend my senior prom with but thats a story for a bit later on. So, I was on the school playground running around and I saw the boy I was crushing on, Aidan. He was sitting on a bench while his mom was standing above him talking to another mother. I decided to take this time to run up to Aidan, pretend I was Liesl in the sixteen going on seventeen ballot and use the bench to jump on as they did in the movie. I ran right between Aidan’s mother and the lady she was talking to, perched myself on the bench, leaned over, kissed Aidan’s cheek and then sprinted off. In hindsight my actions were probably closer to Rolfs in that scene but I’d still like to pretend I was Liesl that day.

Soon after my embarrassing playground kiss, Kate and Aidan were getting married. I attended the ceremony at the playground by all of our houses. We were in the back corner by the bushes that grew together to create a fort just big enough for kindergarten bodies. They were married by another friend of ours and acknowledged the commitment with green rubber bands wrapped seven times around each of their ring fingers.

This would become a common event. Me wanting something or someone and Kate getting it effortlessly right in front of my face. I learned heartbreak early on. Sometimes it’s not the boys you love who break it but the girls you called friends.

At the end of the kindergarten year our teacher, Mrs. S, was pregnant with twins and Kate and I were inseparable. Mrs. S told us (and our parents so this is legit) that if she had two girls she planned to name them Kate and Ella, after us. However, Mrs. S had a boy and a girl named Alec and Kate.

Kate and I were never in another class together until high school per request of Kate’s parents who thought I was a distraction. Nonetheless, our friendship persisted.


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