Welcomes and Introductions

Hello All!

Hopefully, at this point, you know that my name is Ella and that this is a blog that follows my not-always-perfect (aka real) life. I plan to start from the beginning so there will be a little time traveling going on, I hope you are okay with that. I would like to state that there will be times when I am crude or blatant about more personal or touchy subjects, I am not attempting to offend anybody and hope that you can recognize this as me being as real and raw as possible. I think the world could use a bit more of that, especially in the age of social media where all we ever see is the perfection that others present to you via a posed and edited picture. Excuse my mini tangent above, those will probably happen a lot.

Anywho, let me introduce you to two of the most prominent (named) characters who will appear often in my posts. My best friend is Kate and she will be here from the start while our other best friend, Alex, will join us a bit later on. Kate and I have a very hard to describe relationship, we have been best friends since we were four but we never really talked about boys or watched scary movies at sleep overs. She was the “good girl” and the “smart” one while I on the other hand was the “careless, irresponsible, troublemaker.” Our relationship might make more sense as the blog continues so I won’t try to explain it now but know that it is different but we are also some of the closest friends I know. Our families have morphed into one big one and we celebrate holidays, go on vacations and have weekly dinners together. Kate’s house was where my friends and I always went to hang out through middle and high school. I would like to say this now before I get carried away- I love Kate and she is blood to me, we are special but it has taken a long time to get to where we are today but I am grateful that we never gave up on each other.

Maybe you are looking for more about myself personally but that will come as the posts continue. I guess this too will be an adventure and I can only hope for good things. To all of you who have actually read this far, thank you and welcome to me:)


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